Brand Logos

These are our logos that are available for use. We think they are pretty perfect—please do not mess with them!

Illustrator file (.ai) download

128×128 logo download

800×500 logo download

Brand Name

You are entitled to state that your business or application is integrated with BioVirtua and use names like “Name of business for BioVirtua” or “Integrated with BioVirtua“. But you can’t otherwise use any of our Brand Assets, including as part of your company name, application, product or service, or in any logo you create.

This is how we like to be referred to:


Not biovirtua, Biovirtua, or BV

If you absolutely must use it, our legal name is BioVirtua Inc., of which BioVirtua™ is a trademark. We prefer just “BioVirtua” whenever possible.


Our Brand Assets

Our Brand Assets include the BioVirtua name and logos, and any other word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of BioVirtua products.

Your Agreement

By using the BioVirtua Brand Assets you agree to comply with these guidelines. BioVirtua reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion. For further information about use of our Brand Assets, please contact

You also agree to promptly update your use of our Brand Assets in the event we change them.

Unauthorized Uses

Don’t copy, modify, imitate or use our Brand Assets in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship, endorsement or false association with BioVirtua.

Don’t give our Brand Assets undue prominence compared to your name and logo.

Don’t use our Brand Assets in a disparaging manner, or show BioVirtua or our products in a false or derogatory light.

Don’t register or use any trade name, trademark, logo, domain name (including without limitation, so-called “internationalized” domain names), sub-domain or URL path or any other name or sign that incorporates any of our Brand Assets (in whole or part) or that is confusingly similar to them.

Don’t use or imitate any Hootsuite slogan or tagline.

Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise. If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines, please submit your query to our Legal Department.

Offices and Addresses

Address: 325 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, California 94111

Phone: 214.537.9686

Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S

Company Description

Coming soon! Its getting updated.

Company Facts

Coming soon! Its getting updated.

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