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Sequencing Human Movement

Addressing one of the Largest Gaps in Healthcare:

At this time there are more than 100 conditions that impact human movement. These includes acute and chronic illnesses like stroke, bone fractures, Parkinson’s, rheumatic diseases, obesity, and Alzheimers. But there are no solutions that enable remote assessment of human movement in real-time.

Human Movement


Human Movement

BioVirtua provides a markerless motion capture analysis system to quantify human movement. We implement a cloud-based platform that allows healthcare professionals, rehabilitation practitioners, and human performance trainers to objectively assess biomechanics in real-time, in-person or remote.

How We Do It

Human Data Points Collected Per Minute

Body Joints Tracked

Number of Wearable Sensors Placed on Patient

Depth Sensing Cameras

Remotely quantifies range of motion, joint velocity, and human movement patterns with a single camera or two camera setup

Holographic Viewing

Creates a 3-dimensional hologram of patients to walk around them for true life-like assessment and monitoring

Machine Learning and AI

Incorporates advanced analytical methods to help providers translate data to meaningful insights

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