Features of BioVirtua

BioVirtua provides a markerless motion capture analysis system to quantify human movement. We implement a cloud-based platform that allows healthcare professionals, rehabilitation practitioners, and human performance trainers to objectively assess biomechanics in real-time, in-person or remote.

Automated Scanning

Completely non-invasive scans that require no wearable sensors to capture human movement data. We dramatically increase user engagement by minifying the effort required on their part.

Instant Insights

At mid-size regional health centers, we provide inpatient and outpatient human movement analytics aligned with value-based care principles

EMR Interoperability

Biovirtua scans are securely pushed into your patient’s medical chart, so they are there when you need them.

Range of Motion

There is no goniometer for telehealth, and “eyeballing” patients via 2d skype-like conversations doesn’t make sense. We scan and collect patient range of motion and velocity, no gonio required.

Posture and Walking

Biovirtua provides accurate data of the coronal, transverse and sagittal plane with the click of a button.  You can analyze a static posture or take your patient or client through postural training with this system.

Functional Movements

Real-Time biomechanical data of the coronal and transverse planes for complex movements such as a squat, sit-to-stand, or other quality of life and functional movements with a single front-facing camera.

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