Melville, NY—[Feb. 2, 2018]

NASA iTech selected BioVirtua as a top 10 finalist in a unique collaborative effort to find and foster innovative solutions that may improve future deep space exploration and life on Earth.

As a finalist, BioVirtua competed against nine other teams of entrepreneurs, presenting their proposed solutions to judges consisting of NASA’s chief technologists, space industry leaders and potential investors. Hosted by Canon U.S.A. in Melville, New York, on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, the forum brought together finalists from across the U.S. to compete and showcase their innovations.

“NASA iTech is an innovative approach for the agency, and working with entrepreneurs developing new technologies keeps us apprised of what is being developed external to NASA,” said Kira Blackwell, NASA iTech program executive for the STMD at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “When you put innovators, industry experts, potential investors and NASA’s Chief Scientists together and add that spark of fresh ideas, what we all learn can provide a catalyst that could light the way to the future of exploration.”

Leaders from NASA and prospective stakeholders evaluated the finalists’ ideas submitted in the following focus areas: Augmented Reality Advancement, Medical Breakthrough, and X-Factor Innovation. The X-Factor Innovation category allowed for entries that may not fit within a specific focus area, but clearly demonstrated a potential to fill a critical need for NASA and humans on Earth. Judges selected the top three innovations based on criteria including technical viability, the likely impact on future space exploration, benefits to humanity and commercialisation potential. 

BioVirtua entered under the ‘Augmented Reality Advancement’ category and submitted it’s telehealth solution, which enables remote monitoring and faster recovery from effects such as muscle atrophy in astronauts, arising from long-term exposure to low gravity, as well as rehabilitation in stroke patients here on earth. Since the 1900s, archaic tools have been used to quantify human movement. Biovirtua bridges the gap in accurate, quantitative and remote measurement of changes in human movement. Using both 2D and 3D depth sensing cameras, machine intelligence and holographic viewing, BioVirtua’s platform automates reports for the physician, who is then free to devote their entire time to the patient, helping them recover from 100s of conditions which impact human movement.

“We envision being able to go through the lifecycle of a patient and get quantifiable metrics as they are progressing through their treatments,” said Dr. Hants Williams, Clinical Innovation Officer of BioVirtua who was presenting the solution. Through a case study, Dr. Williams shared how Nasa can apply BioVirtua’s technology in the rehabilitation of astronauts who return to earth after a prolonged space mission. The solution’s presentation was received with applause and appreciation from the audience and the panel of judges, and a post-presentation remark from one of the judges was that “BioVirtua is filling a very important clinical need.”

Watch the full presentation below:

The teams representing the top three entries selected at the end of the forum received special recognition during a nonmonetary recognition ceremony on Feb. 1. BioVirtua was one of the three healthcare companies chosen by NASAiTech.

About BioVirtua:
BioVirtua sequences human movement, in-person and remotely without using wearable sensors to unlock quantifiable insights for identifying abnormalities, rehabilitation, and human performance.

Biovirtua is a firm believer in one of the most simple and efficient ways of improving healthcare: focusing on the patient, and doing so in a straightforward way. The company’s primary mission is to promote the accuracy and precision of both remote and in-person care of persons with acute and chronic medical conditions by leveraging innovations in software, hardware, and by listening to the patient. BioVirtua is led by a team of experts in healthcare, technology and, big data applications.

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Aashay Tutika
Co-founder & CEO, BioVirtua

Dr. Hants Williams, Ph.D. RN
Co-founder & COO, BioVirtua

About Nasa iTech:
NASA iTech is an initiative by the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate and managed by the National Institute of Aerospace in Hampton, Virginia.

For information about the NASA iTech initiative, visit:

For information about NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, visit:


Gina Anderson
NASA Headquarters, Washington

Timothy Allen
National Institute of Aerospace, Hampton, Va.

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