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Our First 365 Days

Why are we sharing this with you?

Because you’re a thought leader in the healthcare ecosystem, a healthcare professional, investor, or colleague that we’ve had a dialogue in the past – we want to let you know how we are doing.

days since beginning Biovirtua

What we do?

BioVirtua is something very special, something that enables the sequencing of all human movement, in-person or remote, for the healthy or the sick.

number of conditions that impact human movement

number of solutions that can simply quantify human movement

We started BioVirtua a year ago to date (November 2016), with a founding team of clinicians, technologists, and thought leaders from top academic medical institutes and healthcare analytic companies from across North America. Our founding principles as a company were simple yet bold – create a company that could greatly improve the access, quality, and precision of healthcare to individuals across the world.

And what we quickly discovered was shocking – a rudimentary tool that was first developed in the 17th century, and in clinical 

use since the early 1900’s, the goniometer, is how healthcare professionals assess and quantify human movement.

It became clear in that exact moment how BioVirtua could immediately impact the way healthcare is delivered, by innovating the assessment and quantification of human movement.

At this time more than 100 conditions exist that impact human movement, ranging from neurological conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimers, to orthopedic – long bone fractures and joint replacements, to the immunological like rheumatic diseases. Despite the large number of individuals that are impacted by these conditions, there exists no quantitative solutions to assess these diseases other than the goniometer, and no remote (telehealth) solutions exist.

So what we have created at BioVirtua is something very special that will enable the sequencing of all human movement, in-person or remote, for the healthy or the sick. Our technology, as described below and on our website, will leapfrog the way healthcare professionals assess human movement for the majority of acute and and chronic conditions that impact the way our body moves. 

2017 Traction

In our inaugural year as a company we have:

Developed the FIRST EVER platform that can remotely sequence human movement without wearables, using low cost depth sensing cameras.

Cultivated relationships with multiple rehabilitation centers for immediate access to 300+ patients, and future access to potentially 1000’s more for pilot testing of our platform

Accepted into the Nex3 (Nex Cubed) AI Accelerator in San Francisco (focuses on frontier technologies and machine intelligence) and Creative Destruction Labs (CDL)

Winner of Partners Healthcare, Healthtech Shoutout! Challenge, Top 50 Startup Grind Global, Top 20 SVIEF Beijing, Top 30 MedTronic Startup Rounds @ Samsung Digital Health, Selected for Porsche Innovation Day

Events and PR

Nex3 (Nex Cubed) Frontier Technology Accelerator: With a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Frontier Technology, the companies in Nex3’s 2017 Fall Cohort are solving real-world problems across different industries including healthcare, cybersecurity, retail, and marketing. In helping the teams achieve key milestones, Nex Cubed provides support in areas such as business strategy and planning, go-to-market strategy and execution, organizational structure and strategic staffing, marketing and branding, financial operations, fundraising and business development, globalization, and product commercialization. The extensive network of highly successful mentors and professional investors, coupled with a loyal and active alumni base, opens doors and provides advice throughout the startup lifecycle. Nex Cubed is part of the Global Accelerator Network.

Further reading:

NASA iTech Selects 25 Finalists:
NASA iTech has selected Biovirtua as one of 25 of the most promising ideas submitted by innovators across the U.S. as semifinalists in Cycle 3.NASA’s iTech is an initiative by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) to find innovative ideas that address important problems here on Earth and also hold great potential to overcome critical technology hurdles in future space exploration. Those ideas may come from small or large businesses, academia, and other government organizations that may not have previously had a forum to present their solutions to NASA leadership or their industry partners.

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Partners Connected Health, Healthtech Shoutout! Challenge: We’re happy to announce that BioVirtua was one of only ten companies to win a speaking slot at this years Health Tech Standout! Competition at Connected Health Conference in Boston October 26-27th. BioVirtua‘s Chief Innovation Officer Hants Williams, Ph.D., RN quantified movement via the team’s telehealth solution live at Connected Health Boston, with a individual 2000 miles away! This was a ‘first ever’ in medicine, showcased in live in front of a wide spectrum of thought leaders in healthcare. Dr. Williams shared the stage with companies like SnapMD and AppliedVR.

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Samsung Digital Health Summit: Medtronic Startup Pitch Rounds
On November 13th, 2017, Samsung threw the very first Samsung Digital Health summit at the Samsung Research headquarters in Mountain View, California. A diverse and tenured group of Telehealth, Wearables, and healthcare policy thought leaders were in attendance. Notable speakers included Harry Kim, SVP of Innovation at AmericanWell, Megan Mahoney, Vice Chair of Primary Care at Stanford Hospital, and Karyn DiGiorgio, Executive Director of the University of California, Health Quality and Innovation.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Aashay Tutika, presented with 20 other carefully selected telehealth, wearables, and medical device companies in the first ‘MedTronic Startup Pitch Rounds’. It was an exciting opportunity to showcase BioVirtua’s bleeding edge technology and its implications for telehealth and distributed care in the future.

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Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence

BioVirtua attended the Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence conference, after being selected after a curated pool of hundreds of companies. The event was hosted by ScotiaBank and Bloomberg Beta at the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management. We were able to showcase our groundbreaking technology to clinicians, investors, and technologists from around the world. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau also attended the event to show his support for frontier technologies.

The BioVirtua team was able to validate growing pains within Canadian health care and the need to quantify human movement at scale. With the shift towards value based healthcare in Canada, clinicians are in a rush to find a solution which can help quantify patient improvements over time for reimbursement and documentation.

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Other Events and Exposure

  • Top 50 Global Startups, Startup Grind Global Conference, 2017
  • Top 20 Global Startups, Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, Beijing
  • Sponsor: UC Berkeley VR Hackathon (Hosted by HTC)
  • TechCode Accelerator – Beijing Program
  • Connected Healthcare Boston, Artificial Intelligence Pavilion
  • Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University
  • Mentor Company at GrowthX Academy
  • SnapMunk – Top 10 Up and Coming Augmented Reality Companies
  • Swiss Society for Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Dr. Hempel Digital Health Network, Innovative Digital Health Startups

For a full list of our press and media please visit 

What’s next for BioVirtua?

Implementing the Next Gen Dashboard 


2017 Dashboard

2018 - Mock/Wireframe Preview

Path to a billion data points

BioVirtua’s goal within the coming year is to onboard 5 clinical sites and attain a training data set of 1 Billion Data points. The brand new, 4D Patient Data asset which BioVirtua is collecting can be used to prevent injury, movement diseases, and even athletic performance. We are ultimately looking to drive the shift towards value based care. Through our automated reporting, clinicians can save over 80% of the time for movement assessments. This results in over $185 per hour of increased throughput. BioVirtua is looking to use this massive volume of patient training data to drive quality outcomes and population health insights in Neurology, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Human Performance.



Growing Our Human Capital

We’ve been focusing heavily on proliferating the quality of our team, talent and culture. Importantly, each new addition to our team rises the bar for those that will come after. In the past few months we have on-boarded two additional data scientists. The first is from UC Berkeley with a deep acumen in machine learning technologies, and the second comes from Oracle with about a decade of engineering experience. We’ve also completed our business development team with associates from Yale, UC Berkeley, and UPenn. As always, we are actively recruiting and looking to onboard a steady stream of new talent.

Building Team Culture, Values, and Identity 

We understand the influence that we (as cofounders) will have on our company’s short and long-term culture, values, and identity. At Biovirtua, we are attempting to create a culture of people that are positive, self-starting, and supportive. It’s been our observation that numerous startups endeavor to hire self-starters and high-performing, independent contributors.  Those traits are good and needed, but to us are merely tickets to entry.  We’re also endeavoring to build a ‘Talent Culture’ at BioVirtua via a systematic approach to recruitment in which our core values are articulated up front (and a candidate’s match with those values are as important as his/her intrinsic skills).

At this time, one of our core values are:

1. Nothing is ever done.

We go through many iterations, and are always open, receptive, and hungry for feedback and improving our product.

2. Employee health comes first.

Because we are healthcare professionals, we take very seriously the notion in healthcare that you cannot provide care for others if you cannot care for yourself. Keeping that in mind, we put a large emphasis on making sure our employees are physically active (see below), mentally healthy, so they can be prepared to address the large problems in healthcare that we are tackling.


Would you like to join?

BioVirtua is currently raising a $1,000,000 seed round as a convertible note to help enable the sequencing of all human movement, in-person or remote, for the healthy or the sick.

We are looking to use the funds to catalyze the commercialization of our product, grow our team, and expand our engineering capabilities.

 Please reach out to, or schedule a meeting directly below to learn more about investment opportunities in the company.

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