Telehealth delivered through holographic assessment

BioVirtua's patent pending platform deploys 4D augmented reality modeling, combined with streaming healthcare analytics to improve the quality, cost, and timeliness of telehealth.

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Healthcare Encounters That Enhance the Patient Provider Experience

BioVirtua's augmented reality platform provides fully immersive, real-time 4D interaction between the patient and provider, fostering a more natural, organic communication, with 360-degree medium assessment capabilities.

Disease-specific assessment tools

Remove human error in the remote assessment of neurological and motor-related conditions with our intelligent detection algorithms.

Empowering rural care

Deployment capabilities within healthcare kiosks in rural areas, allowing more accurate and precise encounters with remote specialists.

360 degree assessment

Playback clinical assessments, pausing and stoping, reviewing specific movements or motions performed by patients that require a second or third review.

holographic encounters

Synchronous and asynchronous assessments

HIPPA compliant save and store forward technology allows for review of clinical encounters at any time. Experience a live holographic encounter, or review a historical one.

BioVirtua Demo

The BV Experience

With BV, you have the freedom to assess patients in your office, even if they are 1000 miles away. Our technology allows you to interact with patients in real time (synchronous) or through pre-recorded messages (asynchronous).

In this video, we demonstrate one use of BV, an augmented reality message sent by a patient to their neurologist.

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"The next generation of healthcare will be decentralized, mobilized, and personalized. Instead of the blunt instruments of the past, we will be giving patients more precise medications and therapies."

Anita Goel, MD, PhD - Harvard University

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