Real World Evidence for Digital Therapeutics

BioVirtua quantifies human movement to help understand the effects of new digital therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, and other interventions that impact human movement.

Our Mission Is to Provide Data That Quantifies Human Movement

We help determine the efficacy of new digital therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, and other intervention types that require monitoring of human movement longitudinally.

Collect up to


data points per minute of human motion a small file

45,000 data points per minute in a 5mb file

Get big data insights of human motion for digital therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, or other interventions for human movement in small form factor. 

What We Enable

At BioVirtua our mission is to improve the health, care, and wellness of individuals by providing an accurate and precise platform that monitors changes to human movement. We delivery a platform that focuses on:

Real World Evidence

Capture and report on a new data asset – 3D point cloud motion data – to help quantify movement, and validate digital therapeutics used to treat conditions including Parkinson’s, Stroke and other movement related disorders.

Digital Therapeutics

Assess human movement using an advanced classification engine produces actionable insights, and real world evidence to support the use of new or existing therapies and technologies in acute or outpatient care settings.

Clinical Research

BioVirtua works in conjunction with top, tier-1 academic medical institutions such as Mount Sinai and Duke University to delivery researchers new insights and biomarkers in a variety of human clinical trials.


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Demo Report and Visualization

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BioVirtua is being utilized by Tier-1 academic medical research facilities, physician research leaders, and other professionals and organizations that have the need to quantify human movement. 

Real World Evidence for Digital Therapeutics



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