Human Movement

Capturing and Sequencing Human Movement

BioVirtua sequences human movement, in-person and remotely without using wearable sensors to unlock quantifiable insights for identifying abnormalities, rehabilitation, and human performance.

BioVirtua Platform Applications

Identifying Abnormalities

BioVirtua captures and activates a new asset of 3D patient motion data which helps quantify movement abnormalities such as tremor for conditions including Parkinson’s, Stroke and other movement related disorders.


BioVirtua automates movement assessments using an intuitive system which delivers actionable insights even before the provider meets the patient. Instead of being distracted by EHRs, they can have organic interpersonal exchanges with the patient.

Human Performance

BioVirtua helps athletes quantify and visualize their improvements, progress or healing after an injury. The BioVirtua visualization tool allows for an organic experience of observing historical 3D recordings of performance to improve and target abnormalities in movement.

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